How Being A Parent Helps You Write Better

How can being a parent help you improve your writing skills?

It’s simple. In my quest to become a published author and begin a new career, it gives me something to work to perfect and work at on a daily basis to help me achieve my dream. I can’t wait for my two sons, Elijah and Aiden, to be able to read a book I’ve published and enter into my thought process and sense of humor a little more. This will be a different experience for them compared to just talking to me on a daily basis.

They’re only 3 and 5 now and my older son already tried reading my manuscript, but needless to say it’s a little too dark for him, especially at his young age. Once my kids are much older, it will help open up a whole new world for them in terms of how they perceive me and it’s something they can hold on to long after I’m gone.

Knowing I have a book I’m working on that I think people will enjoy and hopefully my kids will too is enough motivation for me to keep studying my craft. It’s important to have motivation for what you’re passionate about. Writing is an extremely subjective endeavor and some people will like what you’ve written and some won’t.

Make it your goal to have the people you care about the most in life enjoy what you’ve written and keep studying your craft.

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