Tips On Making Writing A Full-Time Career

Taking A Chance At Making Writing A Full-Time Career

Many people that write aren’t full-time authors or writers. I am included in this list. I have a full time job as an Admissions Advisor for a university and I’ve excelled at it for the past 10 years, however every day I become more invested and passionate about writing and making it a full-time career.

Deciding on Making it a Career

It’s important to think about what you want do as a writer. Do you want to write a novel? If so, what genre are you most interested in? What kind of books do you like to read?

Do you like to pen short-stories? Memoirs? Are you more into blogging full time? You could potentially do all of these things and become a jack of all trades. Figure out where your passion lies and start with maybe one or two of these things.

The other all-important question is “Do you have the time?” If you’re like me, you have an extremely busy life. I have two young sons, a wife, and a job that literally consume my life. Luckily, I’m motivated to make writing a priority, which is why I’ve carved the time out to write this article.

Make Writing Your Priority

If you’re passionate about writing enough, you’ll make time for it. Have it become part of your daily routine. I personally don’t have a set time to write, but every single day I write something. It could be a few lines in the mystery novel I’m writing or it could be a blog or an article for this wonderful website. You don’t need to write hundreds or thousands of words at a time. No one’s judging you so don’t beat yourself up over it. You just need to start typing, even a little bit on a daily basis.

Read As Much As You Can

If you’re going to write, it’s just as important to read as much as you have time for. Reading will help you become a better writer. I’m currently reading two mystery novels and both are completely different from each other. These two novels help me improve as a writer. I not only read for enjoyment now, but also to look for things I can “take” from other books I read. There is nothing wrong with learning from the best and implementing that into your writing.

Good luck with your writing and reading!

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