Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Why do I keep throwing birthday parties for my kids?

Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s because I love them. Today we had my older son’s birthday party at 9 am. He just turned six last week. My wife stayed up until 4 am this morning getting ready for the party. That’s right, 4 am. She slept for two hours. She wins. We took him to Legoland and completely spoiled him for the day for his actual birthday. He ate dessert four times. I asked my wife a year ago, “Can we just take our son to SeaWorld instead of throwing a party every year?” Her response was “No way.” Well, I tried, right?

Today was our 9th birthday party in a row we’ve thrown for our two kids. Each party has been over the top and beyond stressful. Many of my friends have stopped throwing parties for their kids, opting instead for family outings to save money and decrease the stress that comes along with planning a party.

My Lovely Wife Always Goes Overboard

My wife is a perfectionist. Everythig has to be just right in her mind. Yesterday alone, I went to Target twice and Party City twice to pick up all of the supplies, fruit, and balloons we needed. This morning I went to Panera Bread at 7:30 am and picked up my order of 50 bagels. I picked up the bag and asked the clerk, “Is everything in this one bag?” She responded, “Yeah.” Then she turned around and read the receipt on the bag behind her. “Wait, this one’s yours too.” Close one.

The list of things to do for the party was beyond long. For the party itself, we had it at a splash zone filled with cool water slides. We brought plenty of water guns, frisbees, balls, pails, and other pool toys for my kids and their friends to play with.

We had to arrive by 8:30 this morning to set up before our 35 friends who rsvp’d yes started pouring in. We arrived at 8:39 am. The stress of getting there late and the urgency to get everything decorated and set up on time caused plenty of arguing between my wife and I when we arrived. Not my idea of a good start to our son’s party.

The party was a Lego theme. My wife baked chocolate cupcakes with a lego candy topping, a cake that looked like a lego block, and had lego books as give away prizes. We had a lego banner and wore customized lego shirts. Did she do a fantastic job on the party and it’s theme? Definitely. Was it worth staying up until 4 am? Who knows?

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Did my son have a good time?

As I played in the splash zone with my two boys, I could tell they were having a blast. Some of their friends from school were there and it really looked like they had a great time. I had a blast as well. I played catch with both of my sons and went down the water slide. My wife didn’t dip her toe in the water once. She was too busy making sure the party went off without a hitch, for two and a half hours straight. By the time she was ready to go in the water, the aquatic center had turned everything off.

While I watched my son eat his cupcakes, cake, and popsicles, I could tell he was in dessert heaven. Then when he got home and opened up all his presents, it brought a smile to his face.

Photo by Tom The Photographer on Unsplash

The question remains: Was it worth it?

Hopefully my son remembers this birthday party forever.

Only time will tell.

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