How Writing Can Enhance Your Life

The Value Of The Written Word

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Use Writing As A Creative Outlet

If you’re like me, writing is not your full-time job. I use it as a way to relax, a way to express my thoughts, and it brings nothing but joy to my life.

It’s a way to express my creativity and bring value to others.

I’ve had a lot of hobbies over the years. I’ve gone through many phases. In middle school and high school, I played basketball for fun, among other sports.

In college and afterward, I was knee deep into sales positions and managing businesses.

Now I’m a devoted husband and father to 2 young boys, along with working as an Admissions Advisor for 40 hours a week.

My wife and I remain extremely active with our 3 year old and 6 year old. Just this morning I played basketball and took my sons swimming.

Guess what I’ve been thinking about the entire morning while I was doing those things? Writing. It’s a great addition to an already full life.

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

— Richard Bach

Don’t Just Write For Money

When you write solely for the purpose of earning money, it pushes you in the wrong direction. You’re just thinking about how much profit you can earn without focusing on anything else.

Writing is something I recently started to make money from since I’ve only been on Medium for just over 2 months. It’s something I’m invested in for the long-term.

My sole purpose on Medium though is not to earn money. That’s an added benefit, like icing on a cake. It’s to build a following of people who enjoy what I provide. It’s to join a community and meet other like-minded people. It’s also to practice my craft and learn from top writers.

My end goal is not to be the king of Medium. It’s to become a successful novelist and write thrillers. That’s what I work on when I’m not writing on Medium.

There are many benefits to being on this site that have nothing do with earning money. When your articles on Medium provide a real benefit to others, the applause, comments, and success will naturally follow.

Writing is a passion of mine that provides a real benefit to my life.

Think about writing like a diamond. Why are diamonds purchased so often?

When someone buys a diamond, they know they’re getting something of high quality. That’s how I like to think of writing.

You need to write with something else in mind besides how much money you can make. In my case, it’s purpose, quality, and value. Is it high quality, does it have a purpose, and is it providing value?

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Write Because You Want To

You should write because you want to, not because you have to. When you do something out of passion, it shows. People can tell when you’re being genuine about a subject, even when it’s written down.

There are many things I do because I have to. Taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, and paying the bills to name a few.

I work a full-time job because I have to. I do enjoy it, but it provides a means to an end. The purpose of my full-time job is to provide for my wife, kids, and to maintain a middle-class lifestyle. It’s also to save money for kids’ education and allow us to go on a nice vacation if we’d like to.

You should write because it’s something you enjoy doing.

Why are you writing in the first place? Is it for you or for others? Whatever that answer is, you need to remember that and focus on it.

Keep writing as long as you feel it adds to your life.

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